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My favourite pieces of art done by some of the most, in my view, talented artists on dA. Extremely random and no specific genre, just all stuff I adore.


:iconcats-of-the-horizon: :iconda-horses: :iconmcd-nextpage: :iconavengers-oc:
Everyone loves their country with all their heart and, seriously, most of the time if we hear one negative word about our country we flip. 

My country, New Zealand, is so important to me. We're that tiny little island at the bottom of the world with no snakes or spiders. We don't have world-famous monuments like The Statue of Liberty or the tallest mountain on earth but what we do have is people very passionate about the welfare of kids.

I know this song came out a year or so back but not many people know about it. It's name is "Feel Inside (and stuff like that)." Here's a little foreword about it;

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, two NZ guys, went round asking small primary and kindergarten kids about many things like; Why people should donate to 'Cure Kids', Where money came from and Why they got sick. They did this so they could use all the inspiration they got from the kids answers and make them into song lyrics. They got many interesting replies but among them was; "I get sick because I drink bubble mixture." When asked why, the little kid replied, "Because I want to be a bubble!" 

Also among the replies were, "I think the money comes from the bank, who gets it from the prime minister who gets it from the queen.... And the queen gets it from the bank!!!" 
When the small boy was asked the prime minister did with his money he replied; "He spends it on couches!" Note: Our prime minister is called John Key which will pop up in the song

Without further ado though, here is the song; Feel Inside (and stuff like that) For both the song, and the full lyric inspiration progress click here -…
For just the song click here -…
For both the song and lyrics click here -…



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